Sunday, January 13, 2013

Klaudia Kelly @KlaudiaKelly

Measurements: 34DD-27-45
Currently Reside: San Francisco
Ethnic Background: I’m American, but of German heritage

Twitter: @klaudiakelly

You've become quite a hot topic on the web, I've always wondered if
ladies like you ever google themselves to see how much traffic they are
generating, have you?

It is always entertaining to see what people have to say about you and
where they are talking about you

Tell us your favorite position and how often you can orgasm during
My favorite position is doggie. However I do cum the quickest when I'm on
top, which I can do over and over, I just tend to look like I'm having a

You reside in California, Kush's favorite state lol, are you
pro-legalize? Do you smoke?

I'm pro-legalize, however I don't smoke.

How were you discovered and how did you choose your performer name?

I wouldn't say I've been discovered. Mostly I'm always trying to get the
attention of the right people, but I've gotten a lot of rejection. I chose
my performer name because it's easy to say and rolls of the tongue nicely.

What influenced you to pursue making adult films?

I've always had an interest in adult entertainment, even since childhood,
so I guess I've made those childhood dreams come true by becoming a whore.

You have been blessed with a very sexy figure, where do the curves
come from?

I have no idea. I look nothing like any of the women in my family.

Which of your features attract the most attention?
Women always compliment my hair or makeup and men always love my booty.

What do you enjoy most about your work and when do you feel the

I'm an insatiable nympho, so its great to be to able to enjoy and give so
much pleasure with what I do. I feel sexiest when I'm all dolled in
lingerie, stockings, and heels. And some cock in my mouth. ;-)
Society often pressures women to change their physical appearance.
Is it comforting to know that people appreciate your physique just the way
you are

I'm happy there are a lot of people who can appreciate my physique, but it
does create challenges getting work in the adult industry when you're not
as tiny as most of the girls.

From 1 to 10 how important is a man's oral skills, feel free to
provide some tips?

Giving oral is always of a priority to me rather than receiving, so it's
just a nice bonus. Some men do seem pretty clueless though; I would advise
them to remember it's a pussy, not a tough cut of meat, too much tugging
and sucking just isn't necessary. At least not for my pussy.
Your tumblr videos feature you doing a variety of activities, how do
you decide what you are going to shoot next?

My tumblr videos are usually just me being silly and having fun. I don't
think about it too much. Since it's not a porn/pay site, I just make them
whenever I have some down time and do whatever comes to mind.

In your work to date you appear very comfortable, but have you ever
been nervous or intimidated before a scene? (If so how did you handle it?)

I'm always excited, not really ever nervous.

People would be surprised to know that ___I can fist my own ass
Your idea of relaxing is?

Upscale hotel sex.

Your tumblr page is loaded with pictures and your answers to fanmail
(which made creating your questionnaire difficult lol), do you even feel
the need to have your own website?

I'm sure that's something I'd definitely do in the future, but it does take
a lot of time, so not something I'll be doing any time soon.

If we left you alone with _____anyone over 7 feet tall_____ and a
camera, there would definitely be a sextape.

What is currently your favorite song?

Right now, Fabolous "Got That Work"
Can you tell us some of your turn ons and what features/traits attract
you to (men/women)?

Confidence is always a turn on for both genders; but
confident, not cocky. Some spanking, slapping, and a little choking always
turn me on. I love thick women. Big booty and thick thighs always get me
going. I like tall men with dark features and don't take themselves too

Tell us some automatic turn offs or no-no's (male/female)?

I definitely don't like unreliable or indecisive people.

What's the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

I don't think I'd really categorize anything as crazy so far.

Who have you enjoyed working with the most? And name someone you would
love to work with?

Well I have only shot three scenes, so only three guys to choose from. ;-)
But I would say Flash Brown is my favorite to have worked with so far. And
I would love to shoot with so many different people. Shane Diesel,
Mandingo, Lexington Steele, Manuel Ferrara, Nacho Vidal, Mr. Pete. Kristina
Rose, Annette Schwarz, Belladonna, Kelly Divine, Alexis Texas, Angelina
Castro, Sara Jay, Julie Cash. Too many to name. So many yummy people out

Can you tell us the last time you made the first move, and how did
it work out?
 Haha. I'm always eager to get my lips wrapped around some cock and making
the first move always works out pretty well for me.

What should we expect to see you doing in the near future?

Anything and everything, of course. ;-P But I'm definitely hoping for
some gangbangs.

Any parting words, thank yous or shootouts?

Thank you for your interest in doing this interview with me! :-D

And Here is a ScreenCap Summary Of Klaudia Kelly's Scene for Bootylicious Mag

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