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Sonja Haze - Exclusive Interview with the Big Boob Goddess !!!! @SonjaHaze

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1. Tell us how you got into the world of Adult Entertainment?

 For a long while I was a phone sex operator, and then I got to thinking, if I look good & have huge tits, why not go for the gusto and do porn?

2. How did you come up with your performer name?

  I'm a big fan of the Robert E Howard's "Conan the Barbarian" series, and I thought Sonja would be a great name, and me and KatvonTease were talking one night and thought that Haze would be an appropriate last name for a stoner girl.

3. You are truly a natural big boob goddess, please tell us when your lovely breast began to grow and how much attention have they received since?


 My tits started to come in long before my friends did thats for sure, I was already around a D by the time I was 13/14. I've been getting lots of attention on a daily basis. ;)

4. You have your own paysite, please tell us what members get to enjoy on the site, and how you develop and publish your content.

  At the moment, I am working on new content for a new different paysite, which will include more photos & videos.

5. How beneficial to your career has working with major studios like Score & Plumperpass been?


Very beneficial, not only do I have a lot of wonderful memories, it also brought me loads of new fans who I've had loads of fun with with webcam shows & phone sex sessions.

6. You are a notorious tease, browsing your twitter picture feed you carefully leave something to the imagination every time, how did you decide this was the best way for you to keep your fans and followers interested?

I post on Instagram a lot, and you can't show nudity on there, and you get just as much attention from teasing shots as you do full frontal. I prefer to be a tease & have guys pay for the real good stuff. ;)

7. You have a striking hair color, an almost auburn, rouge color. Is this natural? And what made you stick with this color, so many adult starlets attempt the blonde look but your image has been consistent for your entire career, what's allowed you to keep your look the same??

I'm actually a natural blond, not a pretty blond mind you, but it's not really all that great. I've tried several colors in the past, but red has always suited me. It was just a problem finding the right shade of red.

8. Tell us what you enjoy most about your career and some goals you have for yourself in adult entertainment.

 To have fun, be sexy & bone as many hot people as I can!

9. Outside of adult entertainment, tell us about some activities that you enjoy, and any goals you have not related to adult work.

 I know it sounds cliche' about me saying I'm a nerd & I enjoy gaming and all that stuff, but it's the truth, but aside from that I enjoy horseback riding, reading books & browsing the net, oh and fucking.

10. The internet and social media have changed the adult industry's ways of generating revenue, how does this affect your business approach to the industry?

   I do my research and expermiment with different methods of generating revenue. Unfortunately at the moment I don't have an internet connection that's good enough to support webcamming on streaming sites, and it's a big bummer for me. I should be able to offer one on one Skype shows again soon however!

11. You are Canadian if I read correctly, can you give us an idea of what the after dark life is like up there?
 During the summer you couldn't ask for a more perfect place, so the nightlife is definately rockin. During the winters we all retreat back to our igloos to hotbox & drink in them. ;)
J/K partially, but there's not much to do during the winter.

 12. From Twitter user @cakedaddy3 What are some of the biggest misconceptions about being an adult star? (Positive and Negative)

 Guys more often assume since girls are in the adult industry that they are sluts & we then we want to see their dick picture or something awful like that.

13. The Adult Industry has gradually been forced to embrace, promote, and produce content featuring buxom ladies with the same energy and finances as mainstream pornography. Do you feel like the playing field is even for full figured ladies to succeed in Adult Entertainment?

  It's not even yet, and it won't be for a while yet, but hard working full figured ladies are definitely making strides in the adult industry.

14. What's the best way for your fans to interact with you?

Easy! You can always shoot me an email or you can find me on my variety of social media websites or even call me on my chatline!
1-800-863-5478 ex. 9956193

15. I've noticed that you are a connoisseur of good smoke? Do you have a preferred strain of smoke? And tell us how smoke affects your sexuality please.


My favorite strains are Jack Herrer & Juicy Fruit. Toking and fucking are the best. I often find myself getting wet after the first few puffs of a good strain and sometimes my first thought is to go give Mr. Haze a great blowjob.

16. Can you tell us something about you that people would be surprised to know?

Before I got started in the adult entertainment business, I was a veterinary assistant for a year. Doing the adult job thing is much more fun and pays better.
As far as useless talents, I can hold entire conversations in Simpsons quotes & as far as useful talents I can get tittyfucked & suck on the guys dick at the same time.

17. Has there been a time that you have been out and about and were recognized by a fan? Can you tell us what happened?

  I don't think I've been spotted by any fans yet, nobody's approached me!

18. Sex on camera versus Sex in privacy, has the adult industry influenced your sexual behavior for the worst or better?
  I'm still a very horny girl and very sexually active, and I just adore giving head. I don't just go slutting around. I'm very picky about who I choose to fuck!

19. What's the riskiest sexual adventure you can recall participating in?

 Hmmm, I'm thinking the last few times I gave road head were pretty risky, but seriously fun!

20. Thanks for taking some time to interview with Kushafterdark, hopefully this is the first in a series with you, before you go, is there anyone you would like to thank or shout out?

I would like to give a S/O to my lovely friends Klaudia Kelly, Marilyn Mayson, good luck at AVN!


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