Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dee Siren @mrssiren

Measurements: 36-29-40
Hometown: Houston,TX
Currently Reside: Houston,TX

Twitter: @mrssiren

What can members expect to see and enjoy on your website?

I am the "Hotwife You Wish You Had". They can expect to enjoy all my "real life" naughty adventures including gang bangs, IR, girl/girl action, bukkakes, public sex, cuckold, and any HOT sex that I want to have while my hubby records.

Tell us your favorite position and how often you can orgasm during sex?

My favorite position would be doggie & cowgirl. I am very multi-orgasmic & orgasm about every 2 mins.

How were you discovered and how did you choose your performer name?

I started out on webcam and was asked to shoot my 1st video with Naughty Alysha about 2 yrs ago. My performer name comes from a shortening of my real name & the meaning of my 1st name.

What influenced you to pursue making adult films?

My husband and I have been swingers for about 6 years. I always loved fucking in front of others and on webcam. He was always taking pictures and video during our "play time". I realized that not only did I love to fuck but I am also very much an exhibitionist.

You have been blessed with a very sexy figure, where do the curves come from?

I was born with them. I am a true Texas girl.

Which of your features attract the most attention?

I definitely known for my ASS. Of course my tits as well.

What do you enjoy most about your work? 

I love the adventure. It is fun meeting new people and of course I absolutely love fucking.

You have a unique relationship and the blessing of your husband in your career, how did it all come about? 
My husband and I have been swingers for about 6 years. We built a very loving, open and trusting relationship by experiencing the lifestyle together. He and I took our extracurricular fun and made it our lives.

What advice can you give the guys trying to improve their bedroom skills? 

It is important for guys to be open about their fantasies and wants in bed with their partner but above all else it is important to put your partner's needs first. You should have open communication and be willing to talk with your partner.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings? And what do your tattoos mean? 

I have 1 tattoo. I got it when I was 20 years old. It is a butterfly with a "Cancer" astrology symbol in the middle. It does look a lot like a "69" in the middle. I have my ears & navel pierced.

Your beauty and sexual appetite portray confidence on screen, but have you ever been nervous .
or intimidated before a scene? (If so How did you handle it?)

Most of the time I am excited about my scenes. Of course there are times I am nervous or intimidated by the situation but I am good about turning my emotions on or off when the time comes. Once I start fucking though, I am always into the scene.

People would be surprised to know that ___________? 

I am very educated and grew up in a very middle class conservative home. I have a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a degree in Education.

Your idea of relaxing is?

Hanging out with my husband and kids and watching a movie or playing a board game.

If we left you alone with a cock or sex toys and a camera, there would definitely be a sextape....

I've noticed that you have a special page dedicated to fanfucks, what was your most
memorable experience with a fan? 
Wow, that is hard. Every shoot I do with my fans is memorable in some way.

You have performed with men of all races, based on your experiences, what benefits do men of
different races bring to the table? 
All men bring something different to the table. I really don't care what race you are. I love big cock so whatever the race...if the cock is big, I am all over it.

Can you tell us some of your turn ons and what features/traits attract you to (men/women)?

I love eyes. If you have pretty or interesting eyes, then it will attract my attention. I also like hair. A full head of hair is sexy. As for women, I am very attracted to their personalities before any physical feature but I do seem to like the more natural "hippie" chics.:)

Tell us some automatic turn offs or no-no's (male/female)? 

I do not like obese people or body odor. I also don't care for guys/girls that have too much body hair.

Who have you enjoyed working with the most? And name someone you would love to work

I love shooting for Evil Angel. I have shot with John Stagliano and Jay Sin and I can honestly say they are two of the most awesome directors I have shot for. As for talent, I have always had a great time shooting with Sophie Dee and Kiki D'Aire. So far my favorite male talent has been Johnny Castle and Levi Cash.

It's safe to say that you enjoy your work, how do you seperate the pleasures of sexual performances from the acts of lovemaking?  
The only person I actually make love to is my husband. He is the only one I have an emotional connection with so that is what makes it lovemaking for me.

What should we expect to see you doing in the near future?  

I am mainly shooting for my website in Texas right now. I update my website weekly with new content.

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